So, Fremantle is my favorite place in Perth so far. If you just landed in Perth, there is an easy train you can catch to go down to Fremantle. Super cheap and takes about an hour. Its little town is very quiet yet quite a lot of events are happening there. Some things to do :

  • Enjoy the town center and its cute little streets
  • Discover the big amount of street art
  • Hang out at the skatepark
  • Have an amazing açai bowl at Ohana
  • Grab a coffee at The Attic, a very nice coffee shop with awesome staff..

    High street fremantle marine graham

    Skateboarding down High Street in Fremantle


  • Go for a swim at South beach. It’s less windy in the morning (wind usually picks up at midday), the water is super flat and clear, you can swim to the pontoon and have some fun jumping in the water (you can see how I gracefully jump in the pic). If you don’t have a car, you can catch the Blue Cat (which is an orange bus), it’s free! It starts from the Train station and goes down to south beach every ten minutes. Handy!.


    marine graham south beach pontoon fremantle

    Jumping like an old muppet from the pontoon in South Beach, Fremantle


  • Food markets at South beach on Saturday nights, lots of different type of food and cultures, super friendly atmosphere
  • Morning yoga on the grass at South beach on Sunday morning. You can just basically spend your entire day at South beach, reading a book in the shade of the trees, skateboarding the boardwalk, having lunch at the café… I love it there!
  • Go to ROTTNEST ISLAND! (The very first picture of  this post is in Rottnest) Absolute must do, the best! Meet the cute quokkas, go snorkeling in the crystal clear water, bike those wild roads, explore some marvellous and uncommon landscapes and discover amazing beaches. Just look at the pictures below and you will be convinced. Trust me.


Quokka rottnest island

Hello there, quokka!


.Just a bit north of Freo, Cottlesloe is a cool spot to see. You can spend the arvo there, enjoy the beach and appreciate the atmosphere. Just another cool beach in Australia, isn’t it? 😉

Things to do :

  • Grab a fish and chips at Amberjack then check out the sunset on the beach.
    Less to do than in Fremantle but worth a look!



« Scarbs » is a very busy and popular town. If you’re looking for some quiet times, maybe not the best place but the beach is amazing, there is cool skatepark area, cool shops…

Things to do : 

  • During the Summer check out the Summer x Salt Markets every two weeks on Saturday mornings, lots of cool little shops with this chilled/surf vibes.
  • Thursday night food markets with different food trucks from all around the world
  • Go for a surf! Scarbs has great beach breaks and you can easily have fun in the waves, and the water is soooo blue!
  • Have some fish tacos at the Ocean 6019 café, they are yummy!
scarborough surf


Yeeheeew! Margs (basically in Australia you are too lazy to pronounce every places name, so you just cut it in half bahaha)

This is 3h-ish drive from Perth, it’s DEFINITELY worth going there. This little surf town is basically one street, but its so laid back and you can see that everybody has had some stoke going on, because the surf is so good there! Si, tutti bene, no problemo in Margareto Rivero (Jeez stop it Marine)

Things to do :

  • Surf or chill at Surfers point, and at the Rivermouth. Check out the sunset there too.
  • Just go explore the area, get lost and get stoked.


Considered Margaret River is your base, you can drive up to Eagle Bay in 40 minutes. I highly recommend it. You can stop at Gracetown on the way there as well, just having a little look at the beach and the trail, you might find some wild friends along this path!

Things to do : 

  • Just spend the afternoon at the beach and have a little hummus-crackers-chips-beer night in the van/4wd while overlooking the sun setting on the ocean. Yep. Love it.
  • Enjoying the sunset at Eagle Bay
Eagle bay western australia

Eagle bay

Enjoying the sunset at Eagle Bay



Drive down to Hamelin bay, oh boy! This place is insane. Rays are just chilling there all the time, you can observe them very closely. It’s so spectacular, you will be amazed!

Things to do :

  • Check out the rays
  • Stop at the Mammoth Cave in Margaret River on the way
  • Enjoy this scenic drive down to Hamelin and stop in the forest to appreciate its quietness

There are a lot of kangaroos in this part of Western Australia so be careful driving at dusk/dawn and during the night! They can cross the road in front of you anytime.

Ray in Hamelin Bay

Ray in Hamelin Bay

sting rays hamelin bay

Eagle ray in Hamelin Bay



If you’re leaving Margs to go for a roadtrip to Esperance, well I recommend you to stop at Denmark on the way there. Those pools! Ugh!

Things to do : 

  • Check out the green pools
  • Elephant rock
  • The lagoon

Denmark poolsDenmark lagoon


Things to do :
Check out the gap (and « The Bridge » next to it). The gap has such an interesting story, I will always remember it and I have to share it with you because I think it’s amazing. So this place is a giant cliff basically.

The myth says : two warriors were fighting over a woman. One of them was fighting with a bommerang and the other one with a spear. They both killed each other at the same time, one threw the boomerang and it came back and stabbed the other one in the back and he immediately threw his spear at his opponent and they both fell in the water. Right here, on this picture. The one killed with the boomerang in the back became a shark (with the boomerang as a fin) and the other one became a stingray because of the spear. I just think this is a cool story to think of when you’re chilling there.

the gap albnay

The Gap in Albany



This town itself has not much to offer, but man… those beaches!

    • Just admire West beach, for real. Not even kidding.
    • Have a sunset surf and a barbecue at Twilight beach. Just bear in mind that they don’t rent any surfboard in this town so you have to have your own gear!
west beach esperance western australia

West Beach

twilight beach

Twilight beach



Or “Cape Le Grand National Park”

So. If you want to have your mind blown, go there. The whitest and finest sand I’ve seen, literally it’s like little ducks are screaming under each of your steps because of how fine the sand is! (I have to admit that it doesn’t sound nice said like this, but it is hahaha) But for real though, this water… ughhhhh i’m in love. Amazing National Park, it’s better if you have a 4WD (like most of the time in Western Australia). If you are lucky (I mean we are in Lucky Bay sooo…) you will see some wild horses in this area. Go off roads and drive on the beach for a rad experience.

Things to do :

  • Drive on the beach
  • Explore the park and get lost (always the best in my opinion)
  • Check out Hellfire Bay
  • Hike the Frenchman Peak that is 262m, hell of a view up there.

There is a fee at the entrance but totally worth it. If you want to see some kangaroos having a swim and chilling on the beach, there you go!

lucky bay kangaroos

Kangaroos chillin’ on the beach in Lucky bay

 lucky bay western australia

“They see me rollin…”



On the way back to Perth from Esperance, I recommend to stop at the Wave Rock Caravan park.

Literally i’m not going to lie it’s not very “alive” there, nothing to do except seeing this beautiful rock that mother nature created! Totally worth it. It’s such an impressive spot, reminds us to stay humble. Maybe you can have a little meditation at the top.

You can make so many rad pictures, get creative my friends!wave rock western australia marine graham
wave rock


Unreal place! Just feels like a -end of the world- landscape, you can drive in the desert, there are little roads you can follow, even if you don’t own a 4WD! You can stop anywhere and take some cool photos. I don’t think I have seen such a place before.

This is about two hours and a half drive from Perth. I would recommend going there on a daytrip from Perth.

Pinnacles desert marine graham

Accommodation-wise, we always went to campsites and paid for our nights. I guess it’s just less worries than free camping. If you guys have any questions just ask me in the comments or send me a DM on Instagram!

I hope this will help you plan your trip or roadtrip around WA! This region is gold with so many hidden gems. My most effective method is checking on Google maps for example the most blue beaches or the most lost spot. Or sometimes just follow your instinct like I did once driving and found this “Crusoe beach” (on the way to Albany) with nobody but black swans. The contentment was real.

Have fun in your trip you lovely hoomans 🙂

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