Hi there, it’s the first time I’m seeing you here! Welcome my friends.
So to start off the right way, let me give you some facts about solo traveling. Ready to dive in?

It’s totally normal to freak out

Trust me, even after being abroad for a long time, as you soon as you get used to your home again, there are a lot of things going on in your head. “Why would I ever leave my home place?” “What the heck am I doing?” “Is it really worth it?” “but what if something happens?”

Those questions are totally normal. I can assure you that they are because I’m flying tomorrow for Bali. Even if I love traveling, I still have this little thing inside saying “WHAT IS GOING ON ?” (you won ten points if you read this with Dwight’s voice from The Office). But yeah, all you have to do is think of right now and not whatever is going to happen after. And once you will be there, well you’ll realize all this stress was for nothing. Then it will all make perfect sense. Traveling is addicting, and humans have a very good habit : they adapt pretty quickly to every situations.

You will adapt to every situations

Yep. Not much more to say than even if you think you can’t make it, you will. I’ve been in a lot of countries where I didn’t feel that good at first, and at the end of the trip I just didn’t want to leave (does that happen to you too?). Except for California where I felt instantly at home which is weird. I guess I played too much GTA when I was younger and everything seemed familiar. No but seriously, don’t worry. Everything will be fine.

Lonely and alone

There’s a difference between being alone and feeling lonely. Being alone is definitely enjoyable. You can do whatever the heck you want to do, at your own pace, with your own rules. It rocks. Being lonely though, is a bit more difficult. But whenever you feel lonely, you dont’ have to worry because all the other backpackers around the world are traveling on their own as well. So it is pretty easy to make friends if you are staying at the right places. For example, avoid getting an Airbnb on your own and maybe book a friendly hostel. Trust me you are going to make friends for life in hostels! Or you can do 50/50. Get a nice Airbnb when you feel okay on your own and want to spend some time solo, and then book a hostel whenever you feel like being chatty and social.

You learn a lot about yourself

Before traveling, we are really following the mass movement of society. You’ve been taught that, you’ve been used to do this, to go to those places next to your house etc. But when you’re traveling, you’re disconnected from everything you’ve ever known before. You’re with your raw self. You notice with time how much you get to know what you like and what you don’t. You also get to disconnect from the clock. And this an underrated pro of traveling backpacker-style. (Except the moment you need to check out from the hostel at 10am and you are still in bed at 9:58am).

You definitely learn to recognize the type of people you want to be around and the ones you don’t. And you also get to choose whether you are going to hang out with them or not. Pretty rad right? Only good vibes around you. Once that happens, you realize how your personnality was just affected by other people and in reality you are way more chill than you thought.

Independance! Heck yeah fellas!

Well, couldn’t resist to finish this first article with one of my favorite topic : freedom (or independance in this case). Being at the other side of the world solo, is the most incredible feeling. You’re on your own. You do you. Everything is up to you. And you feel empowered to be able to go places in such big planes, with crazy traffic or dangerous animals. If you have a problem, no worries, call your friends, your mom, discuss about it. Needing your family and friends doesn’t make you non-independant! Ha! You’re still doing all the job, planning everything, exploring… So don’t hesitate to reach out for your loved ones. You’ll feel even better to know you are being supported.
Go wherever you want, at the time you want, the way you want, boat, jeep, taxi, tuk-tuk, horse… just do things you wouldn’t do normally. You will feel humble, grown, and more open-minded than ever.

So even if all of this is crazy, and it definitely is (i’m freaking out myself right now) well it will change your life forever. The way you perceive things and you relationship with people/nature. (You all know I was going to say nice things about solo traveling don’t you?)

See you next time, in Bali! xx





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