Hello there beautiful people. So as you know, I was very busy and I didn’t have much time to write any articles. I was doing a 200 hours yoga teacher training on the beautiful island of Bali. I’ll explain a little bit what I did and also add a few tips!


The beautiful view from the shala.


I did my training at Santosha Yoga Institute. I absolutely wanted something close to the sea, and this one is more than close to the ocean. The shala (the room where you practice yoga) is directly on the beach. So it’s definitely something that made me choose Santosha. I also didn’t notice because it was a bit cloudy but you also have the view on the volcano Agung. When you try to find a focus point for standing balances, you can just check out the volcano! So darn cool! This training is not on the main island of Bali but in Nusa Lembongan, and I think it was really good to do it there. As life is really simple on a small island, it really is in perfect harmony with yoga. Don’t need much, just what’s within yourself. It’s only 30 to 45min boat ride to go to Nusa Lembongan from the main island, and about 400,000 rupiah (with D’Camel Ferry, and you get a discount for being a yoga student at Santosha), woopwoop!


Let’s talk schedule. Because I was doing 200h in one month, I was expecting big days, I was expecting to be really tired. But I have to say the schedule was really nicely done. 

  • 5:45am : Asana (yoga class)
  • 9am : Class (either anatomy, philosophy etc) 
  • 11am : Little break
  • 1pm : Lunch
  • 2:15pm : Class (either anatomy, philosophy etc)
  • 3:15pm : Asana
  • 4:15pm : Yoga Nidra (relaxing, it has been nap time for a lot of us! Haha) 
  • 5:15pm : End of the day

This is what a day looks like during your yoga teacher training. But it didn’t feel so tiring in the first 2 weeks. You can get yourself comfy in the classroom with pillows, bolsters etc.. and it is so interesting and good for you that it doesn’t feel like studying! I think we were really tired during the 3rd week, it was getting a bit harder because we also started a more active yoga practice and we started teaching to each others. We also had some homeworks, and doing them after this full day was too much as our brains were a bit fried from all the information we had during the day. We decided to do them on our day off during half a day. Felt healthier to be able to just chill and relax, get some food and catch the sunset on the beach after class day. One thing that a lot of people did during the training was to go swimming in the sea during lunch but it needs maybe 15min more not to rush to have lunch afterwards. Also what a frogging struggle to put your leggings back on when you’re salty! Haha 


We have been very lucky as all of our teachers were such sweethearts. Very attentive and there for you. We learned a lot from them and also their experiences. You’ll enjoy spending time with each of them. We had a total of 5 teachers, but you have some teachers for a longer time than the other ones. I really recommend you to book a physiotherapeutic session with Andrea, she has so much knowledge on the human body and can help you get over some issues that you had. She gave me some Pranayama (breathing) techniques to manage my asthma better. Also allowed more space in my neck and shoulders! Such a relief. So yep, it’s 400,000 rupiah, or $40 AUD and it’s totally worth it! 

Had such a great time with all the teachers! Thanks for everything.

Where I stayed

I stayed with my yoga buddy in Swara homestay 2. It was a 9min walk to go to the shala. It was really nice, outside bathroom so when you poopypoop (and trust me in Bali you want to have a nice bathroom view cause you get to spend more time than expected there) you can see the palmtrees, its not a warm water shower but it was okay. Nice pool. Very nice room and quiet. So it definitely does the job and we only paid like 400 bucks for the whole month. So $200 each. It’s a good way to save money. If you stay there, you get the chance to walk every morning with the one and only eyebrow dog : Simone. She was the cutest dog and every morning in the dark she would wait for us and follow us to the yoga class. PS : This dog has real and natural eyebrows! Radness overload. 


So meals are NOT included in the yoga teacher training, which I thought it was or at least the breakfast. They are business partners with the restaurant downstairs and they can hook you up with some discount but you have to give a lot of money in advance. (and there is often some troubles with the ATMs on the island, they are being scammed all the time, so not safe to withdraw here, make sure you bring a lot of money in cash before taking the boat, as a lot of money i’d say $1000) I personally didn’t « subscribe » to their discount plan as me and my yoga buddy wanted to try some new restaurants. Because Bali is such a food paradise.
My favorite places to eat are : 

  • Lemongrass – try their Fish combination plate, if you eat fish of course 😉
  • Bali Echo Deli – Yasss! Best Strawberry/watermelon/mint smoothie on the island!
  • Shipwreck – Cool breakky and some very friendly staff
  • Ginger and Jamu – so their pancakes are actually crepes, and they are really good! Really good green tea, coconut water that you can get on your 10min breaks. Also try the sweet potato fries, and get a plate made of different sides. The best!
  • Tropical Burger – Very good vegan burger there, and awesome staff! 
  • Ohana’s – A bit more expensive, just catch one sunset there with some pizza 
  • Blue Corner – good veggie burger, fries and very friendly staff 
  • Linda’s beach – catch a sunset while having a dip in the pool, looking on the ocean with some nice juice or cocktail


So if you’re wondering what to do on your days off, here are a few things that I’d recommend!

  • Snorkeling – Go snorkel with the manta rays! It was awesome and we got lucky to see one. But make sure you book something with not that many people with you (i think we were 16 or something) and we stopped at 3 different spots : Manta point, Crystal bay and Mangrove point. I loved Crystal bay, very clear water. Of course there are a lot of other boats there but yeah. Still cool.
  • Massages – Massages are cheap, so why hesitate! The best place for this and for any other SPA treatment is Kemilau. Super caring and very good treatments. From pedicure to massage, hair treatment to flower bath, the SPA is really quiet, peaceful and they offer you some tea and fruits at the end (and when you are in your flower bath as well)
  • Rent a scooter – Or a golf cart! I didn’t feel comfortable riding a scooter and we were 5 people so we got a golf cart and we drove around the island, it was a lot of fun! Easy to drive, you just have to be careful on the road with all the scooters and different roads! If you do that, go check out Dream beach and Devils tears. Amazing swell crashing on the rocks. If you stop by Mushroom bay, make sure to have some lunch at L’Good. Really gooooood food there.
  • Sleep – Don’t forget to sleep! Listen to your body and take half of a day off to rest and sleep. Your body will thank you!

My experience 

I learned so much. Everybody that did a yoga teacher training will tell you this, but it’s true. I realized a did a lot of yoga poses wrong, breathing wrong, techniques etc… I’m a really anxious person and it allowed me to slow down, to not worry about anything for a bit, to connect with my breath and create some space in my mind. I still need to work on it though, but I know the basics and the techniques now. I can feel that I am more relaxed and calm (well you know me it doesn’t last very long but still! ha). It’s super awesome that I have now the knowledge to create sequences, and adapt them to my students. There are a lot of ideas blooming in my mind! Even if you don’t want to be a yoga teacher, doing one of those is just so mind blowing and helping in your everyday life. You get to learn new ways to see life, to manage your relationships… and it’s dope. I love it. I also love the fact that we accessed this whole new world where we can make jokes about yoga, that only yogis would understand. So yeah, thanks to Santosha for the love, for the crying sessions and for the emotional release. It was actually the first time teachers were only giving positive feedback about your work and not just what’s wrong with it. We need more of this. For real. Anyhoo, thanks. And thanks to all the amazing people I spent time with during this training, if you read this, you probably can recognize yourself! Love you guys. Thanks for sharing this adventure with me. I had a blast. Love love love. 


The view from the beach in front of the yoga teacher training. Mount Agung spotted!

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