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So I received a couple of messages and people asking me what my packing essentials were for a big trip. So I thought I might as well share it the world so you all know what I’m carrying in that heavy bag of mine. These essentials are obviously precisly for what I like (female traveler and including yogi and surfer gear), they definitely are for all guys and girls if you adapt it to your needs. So, let’s start shall we?


So, everyone knows that you won’t wear half of what you’re going to bring in your backpack. So let’s just be real and only take 1/3 of what you thought you would need. Plus you will probably buy some cool clothes abroad because this is what happens. A lot. I don’t bring anything back from a trip except some local brand clothes or some tattoos.

Take with you 5 tops, 3 shorts (jeans and comfy ones), one or two leggings for airport time (or comfy pants for guys), a cute outfit maybe for nights out and some undies. My two absolute essentials are : a big comfy oversized hoodie (the best when you’re at the airport and you want to snuggle in it), and my red flannel (oh i see you coming, if you’ve been following me for a bit or know me, you know this is THE Marine shirt!)
Also, bring a few bikinis (boardshorts for the dudes!), I actually have 3 pairs of bikinis and 2 one pieces. + my surfing wetsuit! you never know how many times per day you’re going to go in the warm ocean… bliss.
Don’t know if this is considered clothing but grab a hat and some sunnies with ya. The sun hits hard and it’s absolutely a must have!

Yoga bonus : same as above, but add 3 or 4 sports bras, 4 leggings, 4 loosy tank tops, your yoga mat and a yoga strap.


As you can see on the picture, saying that i like Sun Bum products would be a lie. I absolutely love them! Best shampoo ever, sunscreen, and their 3 in 1 leave-in conditioner is magical. So, yeah, a shampoo, a conditioner, some soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, nothing too exciting so far. Some face wash, and I like to take a face mask just to be able to have a nice cocoon night and some “me” time, I think it’s really important when you’re traveling as most of the time you’re just in the -no fucks given- mood on your appearance and sometimes it’s just nice to feel clean and pampered.

I also would highly recommend bringing an epilator with you, for the ones that don’t know about this machine, it’s very life saving! No need to go to a waxing center and no everyday shaving while you’re in the tropics.

For the make up, I have a small little bag with just the essentials : eyeliner, mascara, concealer, foundation, bronzer… basically. You’re not going to wear any make up for weeks but it’s good to have it when you want to make yourself look nicer (or maybe it doesn’t make you look nicer, oopsy! But hurray for natural beauty!)

Surf bonus : bring some Zinc for your face so you don’t get burn while under the sun for hours! Obviously!

Survival kit / medecine

Okay people, health wise, I can’t live/travel without my essential oils. They are super useful and I find myself using them so many times.
The 2 main oils you want to have with you :

Tea tree oil
Of course this one is super famous but it really is the most amazing oil ever. Anti bacterial and cleans the wounds or cuts you may have. Also good when you have a cold or sore throat (doesnt taste good but yolo peeps) and also good for clearing a breakout on the skin (for all the chickies that stopped taking the pill, you feel me).

Lavender (aspic)
I can’t say how much I love this oil but yeah, this is some good sh*t! Very good for mosquito bites, spider, bug or any bites at all, stops the itchiness and stops the venom from spreading! Hallelujah!

Oregano oil (caps)
This my friend is one of  the best thing ever. Natural powerful antibiotic, this is what you need when you feel sick. Works for everything. A few weeks ago I started having an ear infection and I took some oregano oil and it stopped immediately. Magic!

One thing super important to me : K tape. This tape is magic. Helps the healing process of any muscles, bruise, tendons or any injury. I hurt myself a couple of times skating in Venice, hurt my knee real bad and you know how expensive it is to see a doctor in the US, so I used the K tape and it got better within a week. If you don’t know how to use it, just type in google where you’re hurt and add “k tape” and you will find tutorials on how to apply it! Never going anywhere without it. When you’re surfing or practicing any sports, you can hurt yourself anytime. Better to be prepared! It’s very small and lightweight so that’s a plus.

For regular medecine, bring some antibiotics (see your doctor before leaving), some pain killers, or any prescription medecine you might need.

Extra packing essentials

  • I always make sure i have a few tote bags with me, in case you need to carry more stuff, some groceries, some wet bikinis… they are super handy and useful and they don’t take a lot of space in your bag.
  • I bought a sarong when I was in Thailand and now it’s going everywhere with me. It’s so light and thin, I use it as a beach towel and you can make it a skirt/dress or whatever you like with it. Woopwoop!
  • I am traveling with my computer (it’s a big Macbook pro from 2012, 15″, so if you decide to bring your laptop you can probably do lighter than me ha!), my camera and two lenses, and the GoPro! Make sure you have some neoprene or some fluffy protection bags to travel your valuables safely.
  • Bring a little notebook! Write a journal, some ideas, some sketches, some lists, anything really. It just feels really good to set some things on paper while moving a lot.


Alright, I think that’s about it! Hope you learned some new things (hopefully) and that it will help you during your crazy adventures. Don’t forget : the less you have, the less you have to worry about.

See you x

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