This article is going to be a bit more personal/sentimental. 

As I’ve been out in the world for quite a bit now, I’ve met a lot of amazing people. I shared so much with them, had the best moments of my life, and mainly because it was shared (yep Christopher McCandless was right, happiness is only real when shared (but sometimes you’re happy alone too, but you may feel a bigger joy when it’s shared, so yeah… hum, you see what I mean!). I’s all fun and games until you have to say goodbye because either you-or them are leaving. Then it feels like the world around you kind of falling apart (a little bit) because your best travel pal just left. So I’m going to give you a few tips I’ve used so far. Jump on the saddle fellas, and lets go for a ride. 

  • Be happy it happened 

Yeah this may sound cheesy and easy to say, but it’s true. I mean think about it, you had the best moments in a super rad country with someone coming from the other side of the world, and you perfectly get along with that person. I mean, what are the odds? That’s freaking amazing. Not everyone can say they experienced such a deep friendship in their life. But it happened to me couple of times. I can tell you when it’s time for them/me to leave, it’s not a great moment. At least you weren’t alone and lonely in your bedroom with nothing exciting happening.

  •  You’re not saying goodbye forever 

It may look like it, but you’re not actually saying goodbye to them for the last time of your life. Because yeah you tell yourself that they live so far away from you that the chances are too small to see each other again. Let me tell you something I learned : you never know where life is going to bring you. I remember saying some friends « See you maybe next year at your place in your country! » and I had no idea if that was going to happen. But hey guess what, a year later I was puking in their bathroom. So yeah, just calm your mind thinking that you will see them again at some point in your life.

how to deal with goodbyes while traveling

  • They are real long lasting friendships

Even though you won’t see them again, they will definitely be always there for you. How amazing is the internet for that? (also for puppy and baby sloths videos). I mean you get to talk to them at any time of the day, even with the time difference. If you feel sad, or lonely, hit them up. Sometimes I feel like FaceTiming some friends just to see their cute faces again. It really helps. They will always be here for you, even at the other side of the world. So chillax and enjoy having the possibility to create such bondings all over the world.

  • … and the power is in your hands to go visit them 

Good news is, you get to have a home in different countries. Yep, I have a home in California, in England, in Sweden, in Switzerland, in Canada, in Australia… and more. And they all have a home wherever i’ll settle (ahahah). So if you have the travel bug like me, it gives you good reasons to travel and see your lovely friends. Hurray! You will even have a special tour guide to show you around with local eyes. How great? I know, it’s incredible.

  • What to actually say when it’s time to say goodbye

Just say « See you later! » with a great and tight hug instead of long and sad speeches. I know it sounds a bit heartless, but you don’t need to torture your mind/body with such sadness. You know how you feel about them and don’t feel guilty for cutting short this moment. It will just make your travel life so much easier. I guess sometimes you can’t help it and cry… but it’s a work in progress. Makes you definitely stronger and ready for this bumpy ride that life is.

So yeah, just enjoy spending some time with your new foreign friends, learn from them, share some love, and don’t think about the time they are going to leave. Every person you meet has so much to teach you. Enjoy every moment. Be here, now, with them.

Bye friends, 

Much love x

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