Glad to be the one to photograph every amazing face contributing to this campaign and this very important cause.

➡ Every day, 2.3 million coffees are consumed worldwide, and most of them are made with aluminium & plastic single-use coffee pods. This massive waste needs to be stopped. Drinking coffee should no longer be harmful to the planet.
➡ Around 10 billions of yearly capsules consumed
➡ = 40 000 tons of aluminium waste, which is like 4 Eiffel Towers
➡ One 250g pack of pods produces 10 times more packaging waste than a 250g roasted or grain coffee pack
➡ 1 ton of aluminium produced is 4 tons of waste coming out as red mud containing titanium, iron oxide, aluminium oxide, silicon oxide, chromium and some cadmium.
➡ Aluminium coffee pods take 150 to 500 years to decompose.
➡ If we added the pods consumed in a year all together, we could take 10.5 trips around the earth. ⠀

➡ Recycling pods is either impossible, or tough and not complete.
➡ One year of Nespresso coffee pods (3 coffees per day), costs 7 times more than one year of grain coffee.
➡ 3 coffees every day = 1 095 pods every year


This needs to STOP.

It’s your turn: take a picture holding the #IAmACapsuleKiller sign and share the message!⠀⠀⠀

I even got to hold the sign. Because the photographer is also a capsule killer.

A campaign run by Chacun Son Café.

Follow their movement on Instagram.

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