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My name is Marine. Nice to meet you, friend. I am a 27 year old photographer, webmarketer & webdesigner. I would also describe myself as a dreamer, an ocean enthusiast, a skateboard addict & a visual poetry lover. I’m originally from France and I am currently abroad. Here’s my story.

I started photography 14 years ago. I started with a small digital camera, and quickly upgraded to a small DSLR as it became a really important hobby for me. I took a different path for school, and graduated from a Masters degree in communication & marketing. Photography was my most loyal growth companion and I kept taking pictures as a hobby in parallel of my studies. My friends, my pets, landscapes and of course the ocean.

I’ve always been fascinated by the ocean. Nothing feels more like home to me than being in the ocean. In photography, I love taking action shots. From surfing to skateboarding, kitesurfing, windsurfing… This is when I enjoy myself the most and you will notice how big my smile is if you see me shooting from the beach or in the water with my waterhousing. With this feeling of belonging to the big blue underwater world (I think I was probably an orca in a past life), it was obvious that my love for the ocean and my love for photography would be a perfect match. It is no wonder why I love spending time finning around with my camera in the waves or in the most pristine waters around the world.

Career-wise, I worked as a marketing manager for one and a half years. At the end of my contract, I decided to go traveling and explore this beautiful earth. During those travels I’ve had a lot of different experiences and jobs that opened my mind to another level. I’m very grateful for all these life segments that made me learn a lot about myself and what I really want to do and what I want to bring to this world. 

I’m currently working remotely as a freelancer in webmarketing and as a photographer. Always ready for adventures and on to the next wave or face I’m going to photograph… Where should we meet next?


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Created in Bali by my very good friend Margaux Roux, this organization is gathering the ocean passionated french freelancers & entrepreneurs living between France, Bali & Australia. Fighting against chronic loneliness caused by being abroad, Le Hub Nomade is a real community for the young freelancers working remotely. We support each other, relay work offers & share the same love for the ocean. We prioritize ethical projects that contributes to saving our planet, cleaning our oceans and helping businesses to go zero waste.

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