Today, Margaux and I decided to go for a little surf/photo trip in Kedungu, just 30 minutes north of Canggu. This beach is way less crowded, very beautiful scenery… perfect for a photoshoot. It was raining when we arrived, and it started raining when we left. We made it in time and got very lucky to catch some rays for our little photos. Whoop whoop!



We always have a blast shooting together, it’s a moment where we can just do whatever, have fun, be on the beach, get sandy and create some rad content.




The beach was empty, the sand was pure black, the palm trees rised so high… and the ocean breathe was making the scenery so magical. A pure pleasure to shoot in these conditions, especially in Bali.



On this rainy morning, Margaux’s Tropicountry long sleeves was the perfect top to wear. We avoided the rain for the shoot but got soaked on the way back home to Kerobokan. Oopsy! Gotta deal with that tropical weather. But for surfing, what’s best than wearing your own bikini brand? Margaux’s Tales and Tides bikini, here on the second photo, holds your boobies perfectly to shred some good waves and have fun without being worried. (this isn’t a sponsored post, just love sharing friend’s awesome work)



Margaux also featured some of the photos from today on her website, looks unreal! You should go have a look at this awesome website. (Ok maybe i’m saying this because i’m the one that build it).



Just seeing this cheeky smile is worth the trip, am I wrong? 😀

Bye friends, have a lovely day. x


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